Question : How long after sign up can we start with my website?
Answer : The same day. Around 30 minutes to 3 hours after sign up.

Question : Will my coach contact me using email or can we talk on the phone?
Answer :  Choice is yours. He can write to contact you or call you. We prefer a phone call. More personal.

Question : Is it possible to add more ideas to my website in the future as my business gets bigger?
Answer : Yes, you and your coach will be just a phone call away. He is there to help you with your ideas. Some ideas require fees depending on the magnitude of your project! Basic information sites are free, anything else added fees will apply.

Question : Can I upload photos and change what i want to say on any page?
Answer : Yes, you can upload photos in a special admin area and have control of all your content. Your coach will teach you step by step.

Question : Can I cancel anytime after sign up and get my money back?
Answer : Yes, there will be a complete refund back to you for that month.

Question : What if i already have a website?
Answer : You can request your info from your website provider and we can move you over to your new website in days.

Question :  What if my skills with a computer are very bad? Can you just create it for me?
Answer : Yes, simply you will tell us what you want to say and what you want your customers to do at your site. Also, we will try our best to teach you to manage it to some degree.

 Question : Can i have my partners have some control of my website?
Answer : Yes, you can have as many partners to specific areas of your website. Choice is yours.

Question : How often can i call my coach for help with my website?
Answer : Anytime, just remember that he is human too.

Question : Can i have multiple url websites made?
Answer : Yes, each website will be an additional monthly fee.

Question : Once i order the door to door direct mail flyers, can i get a refund?
Answer : Sometimes yes, if the cancellation is the same day. In some cases, your order may have gone to printing and then it would be too late. Speed is number #1.

Question : Is it possible to add a sub-domain?
Answer : Yes, with an additional fee added to your existing account. Sub-domains are like having another website.

Question : Can i have my social media on my website?
Answer : Yes, your coach will guide you and teach you how. He is there to help you grow.

Question : I’m not great at computers?
Answer : Think of your coach as your friend. He will teach you slowly and in baby steps if need be.

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