We do business advertising using Facebook Ads, Door To Door Direct Mail and Local Places Optimization

Let us advertise your business and bring you more revenues. From door to door direct mail shipped to your surrounding areas of your local business, Listing your business in major places like Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare, Yahoo Local and many more with local places optimization and using Facebook ads to drive targeted people to your online business website, local business or Facebook business fan page that we can create for you if you don’t have one. Profit from our business advertising. We will bring your business to a new standard online and around your local business area using our dominating methods.


2 – 20 miles radius advertising with door to door direct mail for local business


Direct mail is the best way to let customers around your business know that you exist or have a great deal. Have a single glossy page mailed to everyone around you with your deals and messages adding images that represent your business or sales called “direct mail”. This direct mail glossy single page is on both sides. Let us help you spread the word about your business and specials you might have coming up.

We will work with you to design this door to door direct mail using your messages and images. We scan your area and let you know how many people live in your radius between 2 to 20 miles of your choice and how much it will cost. Then, all we need to do is determine when you want this direct mail pages mailed out depending on your business sales or needs

PrinterMailing prices may vary depending on location because, you may be in a heavily crowed area with more people around your business needing more direct mail pages. Price range for one direct mail page is between .50 Cents to 1.35 Dollars printed and shipped to your customers surrounding areas of your business. You may have 100 to 900 pages printed and ready in a week.

Recap: You get a great designed single direct mail page made by us with your ideas, images and words mailed to your local surrounding business. Let’s begin!

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Advertising with Facebook Ads, social media campaign solution

We will create a marketing campaign using Facebook ads targeting people around your location, age groups, their interests, etc… that will have them engaging and sharing with others bringing you more business. Get targeted people on Facebook liking and engaging your content, sales, website, posts, blog, images, videos, etc… all with Facebook ads. We will create ads that will appear on Facebook pages while viewed by potentially new customers.

Your Facebook ads campaign will run for 2 weeks non-stop advertising your messages to the surrounding area of your business.

First, we would get to know your business through questions and upcoming events you might have so we could determine what actions to take towards your Facebook ads campaign marketing.

If you DO NOT have a “Business Facebook Page”, we will create one for you linked to your personal page so you will have complete control to interact with your clients adding revenues to your business.

Don’t have just anyone like your business Facebook page, we are giving you people that live surrounding your local business that would benefit from what your business has to offer using Facebook ads.

You get a Business Facebook Page & 2 weeks of non-stop advertising to surrounding areas using Facebook ads.

for just $450.


Let us list your business in major places with local places optimization


Local Places Optimization is very important! Increase your revenue by driving highly qualified traffic to your website and business using local places optimization. Places like Yelp, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Foursquare etc… are places where information such as business address, contact information, online website links, products & services, hours of operation and business photos can be listed within the local listing profile for your customers to find when they search online.

Here at Online Easy Website, we will bring your online website to a new standard and you will profit from all the advertising done. We will work hard so you can focus on your business.

Advertising for your local business all over the internet

for only $120

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