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For only $19.95 a month. You will get a website with a LIVE COACH on the phone guiding you as long as you are with us. You will learn how to manage your online business website like a PRO. “You get a Phone Coach, Domain Name with Hosting and a Website Designed for your type of business”. Learn to manage your business right. Cancel Anytime!

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Let us design your online business website and teach you today

We build you a unique business website design customized for your business that is search engine friendly & social media friendly connecting you with the world. Your new business website design will let customers know who you are, what you do, where to find you and so much more, filled with your images and videos of your business.


Creating an online website can be a complicated and time-consuming for the inexperienced


Using a “website builder do it yourself” without proper guidance of SEO words and look, it just WON’T work!

There is a lot more than just adding pictures on a website. Doing your own site using a website builder as easy as they say it will be, it just will NOT generate profit for your business. First, you need to know how to word your business website correctly with SEO content so you will be found on major search engines. Second, you need a professional look and feel that represents your business. They give you the website builder and expect you to figure out the important things for yourself.

We are here to guide you and teach you how to manage your business website. How to find the right SEO words for the content of your business website. You will get more understanding and feel for what’s really important on your site. Let us design your website around your ideas and business needs then teach you how to manage it. Learn to properly word your website, a coach ready to help you. You will have control of your business with a great support team ready to guide you every step of the way.

girl-pc2We will design your online business website to fit your business needs by:

  • adding a business logo
  • designing your site
  • social media buttons
  • special links
  • header design
  • your online business map location coding
  • and that’s just the beginning

We will teach you how to manage your online business website design by:

  • writing SEO content and messages
  • adding images
  • learn important techniques required by Google
  • adding videos
  • new menus
  • specials
  • update your online business website
  • write an about page describing your online business
  • easy access to your website admin
  • online contact us help if you get stuck. We will guide you for years to come with a live coach ready for your business needs.
  • and so much more with multiple pages at your finger tips.
  • you also get a free domain, web hosting, and our experience. Start Today!

Did you know???

Most people research everything online before they even begin interacting with you. So we’ll make sure your online business website design is representing you well.


Let customers find your online business website design easily

People will be able to find your business online website and you’ll get more customers because of your competitive online easy website. Don’t let competitors steal potential customers! Capture them with search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

get-foundYour business can benefit from being online and have a professional easy-to-navigate business website design or blog.

No more waiting for someone else to write, post or update your business online website. No more having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to update your online website business pages.

If you want to change a picture, add some text, post a video, you can. We will teach you how to use your unique online business website design easy!

In your website design, we integrate your online business website with the most popular social networking sites.

In our online website design, it is easy to add buttons that link to your social networking pages. These important buttons give your visitors more ways to interact with your business as well as promote your business online website to their network of friends and co-workers by adding “Like” and “share” buttons throughout your online website design. We will teach you all you need to succeed. Learning to manage your own business online website is priceless.

Designing and customizing your online business website

Web2We will work with you to design the perfect online website for your business and help create a website design for you as fast as possible then teach you how to use it.

Here are some of the things it includes:

  • the initial website design setup
  • organizing your website design pages
  • transferring your ready content
  • customizing the look and feel of your website design
  • adding your business logo into your website design
  • adding the domain name to all your website pages
  • and so much more

We will teach you how to update your online business website so you have control and connect with your new clients. It’s time to take control and learn the right things needed to succeed! Let us design and teach you all the techniques to run your business the right way! Please ask questions, you will be surprised at the things we can do and help you with. If you have special needs for your business. WE CAN HELP!

Why delay one more day? Let’s get your business online!

 Let us design your unique customized business online website today




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